Dear Applicant,
Read all instructions before you begin filling up the form.

  1. First, being an ISC affiliated English Medium School it is our primary requirement that all our teachers are able to speak, write & communicate effortlessly and fluently in English, with correct pronunciation and grammar.
  2. Second, the mandatory requirement is B.Ed /TTC / L.T. There can be NO exceptions to these requirements (except English requirement for Hindi/Sanskrit Teachers and B.Ed requirement for PTI/ Music Teacher). 
  3. During the interview a Test of Spoken English will be administered for all applicants irrespective of their subject (except for Hindi and Sanskrit teachers). 
  4. Please fill this form only if you meet the ALL requirements given for the post applied. Please fill in all the information as incomplete information may result in your application not being considered. 
  5. It is compulsory to apply online, no paper based or email applications will be accepted.
  6. Since the school is a CISCE affiliated English Medium School all communication & teaching is ONLY IN ENGLISH (You cannot use any other language to explain/teach/make question papers etc.). Hence for all teaching posts fluency in both spoken and written English is compulsory & there are no exceptions (except for the post of Hindi Teacher).
  7. There may be a preliminary virtual interview before we begin the  
  8. You will be tested for subject knowledge via a written test or an interview by a subject specialist, hence you need to be up to date in your subject knowledge. Therefore you must revise your subject if you are out of touch so that you are able to answer questions related to your subject for the level you have applied for. Eg. If you apply for PGT: Geography you should be prepared to answer any question of Economics of the ISC syllabus of class 12 via a written test or interview.
  9. Teaching experience in CISCE / CBSE affiliated schools will be given preference for teaching posts.
  10. You will be required to give a minimum 1 year guarantee (completion of the academic year) of serving the school if selected.
  11. B.Ed or proof of enrolment in B.Ed (Distance learning) is compulsory for all teaching posts (except Pre-Primary i.e Nursery, KG, Prep).
  12. Please convert all CGPA and Grades to Percent as per the respective board’s given criteria.

Important add Aadhar number