Step I: Registration

Step II: Interview

Step III: Admission

Step I: Knowing Kirk View

  1. Parents seeking admission will first fill in an application on the prescribed form.
  2. Parents should know his/her liabilities and responsibilities towards the school. Therefore you are requested to clarify any doubt you may have.
  3. Sign the consent form understanding your responsibilities towards the school.
  4. A registration fee of Rs. 1000/- will be charged. 
  5. Parents will be given a date and time for an interview.

Step II: Parents interview

  1. On a given date the parents will be called for an interview. Both parents and the child should be present.
  2. The child will NOT undergo any test or examination; however, the child may be evaluated, if he/she has been going to another school. This is done to place the child in the right group depending on what he/she has learnt.
  3. This interview is to understand the parents and the child’s level of perception

Step III

  1. Deposit the amount and complete formalities.

Process for withdrawing your child

Simple, clear all dues!

  1. The fees have to be paid for the entire session i.e. April to March. 
  2. Caution money will be refunded after the second Monday in April provided a fee has been paid upto March and  a month’s notice has been given.